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Cooking Classes

Meeting point it’s 9 am at Starbucks Coffe inside Galerias Vallarta Shopping Mall (second floor), once all the participants had arrive Rosie takes you to Palmar de Aramara Market which is 5 minutes in car from the Mall.

At Palmar de Aramara Market you will spend around 40-60 minutes, she will show you the process of how a tortilla is made at a Tortilla factory then she will take you around the market and show you all the stands they have there such as sea food stands, meat stands, traditional mexican food stands, flowers, natural juices, and more. You will go around buying all the fresh ingredients you will need for your meals on that day. (Clic here to see Palmar de Aramara location). After the trip to the market Rosie will take you to her own home in a trip around 25 minutes going through the city, you will be able to sightseeing the real Puerto Vallarta out from the touristic area.

Once at her house Rosie has a beautiful garden full of regional plants, fruits and flowers. She will teach you about the plants and if they any medicinal purpose. Then she will offer you a delicious hibiscus flower flavored water. You will start making the guacamole and fresh chips, then continue with the salsas and depending in how long your meal will last to be ready you will start making the mean meal, dessert or a soup. In all this process you will be participating in the cooking and also trying everything you are making. She will give a small course in how to make handmade tortillas and you will be able to try and try until you achieve the goal of a beautiful tortilla. She will be sharing all her knowledge about making traditional dishes, ancestral methods she has from her grandma and stories about her family.

When your meals are ready you will enjoy them at the table, then dessert and finally Rosie will serve you a shot of Tequila dressed in a traditional Jalisco state dress and dance a little bit for you. Around 2:00 to 2:30 pm (depending on how comfortable the group is at Rosie’s house) you will be back at the meeting place.

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